Watch For WaltonChain (WTC) Spike Within Next 48 Hours

Day traders trying to come up on quick gains may want to take a look at WTC on the Binance exchange. This coin has been pretty low the last week or so, but has suddenly jumped in price. This was smart money accumulating during a time of low volume, in small chunks.

This is a perfect time for someone to jump in to make a quick 5%; if you have a discipline to control  your greed and get out quickly. Smart money knows this is triggering a lot of buy signals, and are comfortable knowing they can cashout for 100%+ gains at any moment... and as soon as the next spike happens you better believe they will.

Why will there be a spike? WaltonChain is expected to make an announcement in the next 24-48 hours. They've been waiting for the last of their Chinese customers to receive their refunds, which happens today, and then have a strategic announcement lined up. Evidence of this has been floating around the internet via Slack channel screenshots, however I don't have it saved so you're going to have to trust me on this one. The charts are showing the same scenario playing out... smart money is taking advantage of low volume to easily crank up the price. Once all of those buy orders stack up... it's an easy cash out.

Binance WTC chart

The smart play here is to NOT buy, and wait for the next low-volume accumulation phase.

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