Quick 5% Gains From Litecoin Creators Tweet

Perfect Litecoin Entry Point + Quick 5%
One critical thing to do if you're interested in trading crypto, is to get on Twitter and follow the big crypto influencers; one of which is Charlie Lee, creator of Litecoin, former employee of Coinbase.

After a solid 15-day downtrend, the hype behind this tweet that would spike the Litecoin price increase also happens to fall in the same time frame that'd be a perfect entry point. Those looking to just get a quick 5% could take advantage of the hype and get a quick 5% gain in 10 minutes, but I'd recommend holding for at least the next 15-days, which will likely be a steady upward trend before another spike. We can predict this by checking out the 1-day charts and searching for Litecoins long-term patterns:

From our instagram post below, you can tell that we were able to predict this right when the tweet was posted. We were able to purchase Litecoin at a rate of $47.08 at the time the tweet was posted, before quickly jumping up over $49 minutes later. Be sure to follow us on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook for instant updates on good trades.

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