Fake News: Amazon To Accept Bitcoin

There seems to be a rumor circulating that Amazon will soon accept Bitcoin; even John McAfee jumped in on circulating this fake news.

What an impact that would have on cryptocurrency as a whole is exciting to think about, but we're not quite there yet. Really.. I don't think we should be either, the market has the perfect conditions right now to make some serious money. Be sure you're signed up for the mailing list below so you can be among the first to receive notification when the crypto trading course goes live, as there will be limited spaces available when it launches.

I don't know who this James Altucher is, but he looks like a child molester and I wouldn't want to listen to anything he has to say. Make a meme with this guys picture and tag me in it on instagram @cryptodealer.io #cryptodealer and the funniest one will get a free seat in my upcoming crypto trading course.



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