Bitcoin Exchanges

The final step for getting setup to trade cryptocurrency. I highly recommend signing up for as many exchanges as possible. The market is so new that exchanges may come and go, and certain exchanges may only list specific coins to trade. Here are the ones I recommend:

 Bittrex exchange Most commonly used exchange platform. Somewhat easy to use, easily accessible, great tools for setting buy/sell orders. Wide selection of altcoin trading pairs. Having an account here is a must. Visit website
New exchange platform with great, user friendly interface, with great mobile apps available. One of the lowest fee's out there, but doesn't have a large altcoin selection. There are some coins you can only find on Binance at the moment. Visit website
Poloniex exchange Another huge exchange platform with a wide selection of altcoins. Great charting interface and tools. Visit website
High number of tokens available, many which you can't find anywhere else yet. The downside to this is that there are higher risk tokens here. Use this if you absolutely must trade something you can't get anywhere else. Visit website

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